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Breaking Barriers, Challenging Norms with Laughter | 3×21

Standup comedian, actress, and musician: Margaret Cho shares with us her fantastic journey from her upbringing as an Asian American in San Francisco, to her riveting breakthrough into the industry.

In this episode, she brings to light her experiences and challenges she had faced in the 90s and explains more about her first one-woman show: “I’m the One that I Want” that unearthed her struggles with All-American Girl (TV series 1994-1995). She also expresses the importance of┬árepresentation in the comedy world and industry, and leaves us with a compelling and fundamental messages/ advice for aspiring comedians from marginalized communities who look to make their mark in the industry.

We learn more about her new tour- ‘Live and Livid’, celebrating 40 years of her career as a standup comedian.┬áHer dazzling personality gleams through, as we share laughs, stories, and upcoming projects. Her unwavering support for LGBT rights has earned her accolades, and she has been recognized for her outstanding humanitarian efforts on behalf of women, Asian Americans, and the LGBT community.

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