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Cultivating Personal Growth and Legacy with Dr. Emily Letran

Dr. Emily Letran is a dentist, author, speaker, and life coach. Informed by her experiences fleeing Vietnam, Dr. Letran optimizes opportunities for herself and for others, always striving for improvement. As a mother of three, she has learned to creatively balance work, family life, after-school life and her personal life as a growing entrepreneur.

Dr. Letran is actively involved in community services, sponsoring multiple local school and charity events. She created the Emily Letran Foundation dedicated to providing basic dental care to veterans and families of disadvantaged background, including the monthly Free Dentistry Day, where she and her dental team work to provide free dentistry for the less fortunate in area communities.

To learn more about her Foundation, her books, and her coaching, visit her website at https://www.dremilyletran.com/

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