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Health and Wellness with Dr. Cindy Tsai, MD & Dr. Khoa D. Truong, OD │ 2×21

On this episode, Dr. Cindy Tsai and Dr. Khoa D. Truong chat with host Linda Schwartz on the importance of integrative medicine and holistic health and wellbeing.

Dr. Tsai was born in Vancouver, Canada and raised in Taipei, Taiwan. She is a board-certified Internal Medicine physician and medical director. She has achieved balance between the cultures and medicinal philosophies of both East and West. Her philosophy is centered on the mind-body connection—something that is unique to each individual. Her training in coaching, mindfulness, and various energy healing modalities are used to curate a holistic and personalized approach to healing and growth.

San Diego native Dr. Khoa D Truong is a decorated member of several associations for over 15 years, including the American Optometric Association, the California Optometric Association, and the San Diego Optometric Society. He was a member of the President’s Lions Club and used his expertise to conduct free vision screenings and health fairs for the community of San Diego. He also has his own wellness talk show on Vietnamese Television (VNTV) that he co-hosts with Dana Vo. The show helps address different aspects of health and life.

For more info on their practices, visit cindytsaimd.com and kdtoptometry.com!

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