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Episode 23: Dr. Marissa Pei on Discovering Self

July 06, 2021

Dr. Marissa Pei shares her personal journey that has motivated her to help others through discovering themselves through differences and adversity.

Author of ’8 ways to happiness, Wherever you are’, Marissa Pei is best known as ‘The Asian Oprah’. In addition to being a RadioTalk Show host, Pei is also a TV commentator featured on a variety of human dynamics topics, including “Why People Do Weird Things at Work,” “Totally Out of Control People,” and her latest, “Conspiracy Theory.”

Pei’s private Life Balance Coaching practice in Seal Beach and Sedona, AZ, is supported by sets of daily inspirational cards, “52 Card Pick (Me) Ups: Stacking the Deck for Life Balance with Dr. Marissa” just launched last year. In her not-so-spare time, she teaches Balance Tai Qi Qong (DVD in production), a moving meditation that promotes inner peace one breath at a time, runs a “21 Day Fast from Complaining” event on Facebook with more than 800 followers and has three original songs now available at Amazon.com and iTunes.

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