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Healing At-Risk Youth │ 2×24

On this episode, Dr. Connie Chung discusses her own experiences with homelessness and metal health and how it’s translated to her activism. She has done extensive research on sexual trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder in homeless youth and investigated survival and coping strategies of young people living on the streets. She has also worked in domestic violence shelters, studying the psychosocial effects of exposure to domestic violence on children.  She has done extensive work with, and advocated for, child and adolescent survivors of sex trafficking in the SF Bay Area.  

Dr. Connie Chung graduated from Harvard University with a doctorate in educational psychology and has two master’s degrees focused on adolescent psychosocial development and resilience.  She received her bachelor’s from the University of California at Berkeley, where she graduated as Class Commencement Speaker of her department.

Dr. Chung has served as a consultant on federal housing policy for homeless veterans; and has worked in East Africa serving Masai tribal women, AIDS orphans, and disabled children. She currently serves as a volunteer member of a prison ministry outreach program.  

She has been profiled in the Korea Times, Fox News, NPR Radio, and local publications regarding her work, her achievements as well as her own experiences of severe trauma, neglect, and homelessness throughout her childhood. Dr. Chung is married to a former minister who is a doctoral candidate in seminary and is the proud mother of two little girls.   

Dr. Chung is currently a stay at home mother of a toddler on the autism spectrum and an infant.  She would like to start a special needs ministry for children and adults on the autism spectrum. 

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