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AANHPI Women in Military Leadership │ 2×25

In this episode, Air Force Officer Joanne Whitlock talks about AANHPI in the military. She touches on the low degree of representation for them in leadership positions, especially if they are women, and how this impacts their experiences in the military the military demographics overall. 

Joanne recently led their service wide efforts for AAPI Heritage Month while also serving as member of their Barrier Analysis Working Group. In this capacity, Joanne is involved in analyzing data, trends and barriers to identify and address issues impacting AANHPI personnel in the Air Force. Born and raised in the Philippines, Joanne is a staunch advocate for diversity and inclusion and promoting AANHPI heritage across various platforms. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Anthropology and a Masters Degree in Forensic Science and was a former Medicolegal Death Investigator in the Washington, DC area (Northern Virginia). Joanne also volunteers her time serving as a mentor for Big Brother Big Sister. “

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