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“Triple Threat” Shaina Ghuraya │ 1×25

Shaina Ghuraya is a graduate of the University of Southern California’s Master of Fine Arts program in Film and Television production. She jokes that she is a triple threat (disabled, Punjabi, and a woman), and is a fierce activist for people with disabilities. Shaina has developed her style as a director – bold, unrelenting, and quirky – focused on making comedies that promote diversity and inclusion. ​

Through her work, Shaina Ghuraya has helped countless people understand that disabilities do not hinder creative capabilities, and the world we know was not inherently structured to be inclusive. Her films raise awareness of identity and intersectionality-or the interconnectedness of all aspects of one’s identity.

You can learn more about Shaina Ghuraya’s work by visiting her website https://www.shainaghuraya.com/.

Folks with disabilities are some of the strongest and most inspirational individuals we know. If you enjoyed this story, check out our interview with trafficking survivor, Chong Kim.

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