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Empowering Asian Youth Voices in Film Media Arts and Pop Culture │ 1×36


Introducing a new show segment called Asian Youth Voices Radio that empowers our next generation of API Creatives & Leaders.

Hosted by twin brothers, Ausdon and Josdon Thong. Asian Youth Voices features younger generation of API entrepreneurs, filmmakers and artists with topics ranging from TV and film content, music, media arts and pop culture.

In this episode, Ausdon and Josdon talks about their childhood and life experiences growing up in the US, and how some of the television and film content had made a big impact in their lives involving their educational and future career choices.

Ausdon is a graduate from California State University of Fullerton with a degree in Cinema & TV Arts with a focus in Screenwriting. Being passionate about movies and television since he was younger, and noticing that there wasn’t much representation of Asian Americans in mainstream media, he made a conscious decision to be a filmmaker. Ausdon currently hosts his own produced true crime podcast on Spotify and in development of a new horror anthology podcast. His goals are to improve his craft on acting and become a director and producer in the future.

Josdon Thong is an alumni of California State University of Northridge. He graduated in the spring of 2020 and his field of study was in the Cinema & Television Arts, specifically in Screenwriting.As an aspiring screenwriter, Josdon has written a number of stories that he’d like to share with the world on the big screen one day. He’s currently producing, writing and voice acting in two fictional, audio drama podcasts. Josdon’s dream is to someday produce his own animation film for the big screen and win an Oscar. 

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