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Interracial Families and Identity with Wendy Kim │ 1×5

March 02, 2021

Wendy Kim is a #1 International Best-Selling author of Beyond Blending In: An Immigrant Daughter’s Guide to Overcoming Cultural Bonds For A Life Of Authenticity and Abundance. As a Korean-German born in Savannah, Georgia, Ms. Kim grew up trying to assimilate into either side of her cultural heritage.

Growing up, many of us find ourselves finding ourselves within different groups, or cliques, based on our identity and who we think ourselves to be more closely associated with. In this episode, she shares her personal experience in learning how to balance her identity and accepting who she had grown to be at a later age.

Wendy Kim’s husband is Korean-American, but his father was born and raised in Mexico. She has helped to raise their children to be aware of all corners of their heritage of German, Korean, and Mexican culture. However, as Wendy had to learn to embrace her own identity on her own, she has since had to learn how to teach her children the same concept of acceptance.

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