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The Power of Voice in Comedy | 3×2

February 14, 2023

Jason Cheny, born and raised in Taiwan, re-raised in America with a cross-cultural perspective, and a goofy personality. Along with Sasha Foo discuss how Asian families expect their children to follow the traditional paths of doctor, lawyer and engineer. How Jason’s parents reacted to his choice to become a comedian as well as how everyone should choose a path which allows for expression. How he overcame his first time doing stand up and the feeling of freedom and relief to have people be open to hear what you are saying.

We get to hear a little bit about how Jason got into comedy through his love and enjoyment of making people laugh. They continue to touch on how Asians are encouraged to seek a career which is stable and can provide for our family vs encouraging entertainment focused careers. We get to learn more about how his ethnic background flavored his content as well as his perspectives on the differences between Asia and America. Jason also touches on anti asian crowds and how he handles different communities which might not have had exposure to asian entertainment.

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