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Connie Chung on the Social Issues in the AAPI Community │ 1×7

Today we join Connie Chung, the CEO of Asian Americans Advancing Justice — Los Angeles Chapter to discuss the social issues that have pervaded Asian American communities within the past year.

Across the nation, Advancing Justice, or AAAJ, one of the largest Asian American civil rights organizations was founded following the hate crime of Vincent Chin. Since its start, Advancing Justice has headed city and nationwide campaigns to advocate for the rights and protections of Asian Americans, in addition to efforts to influence government policy.

Throughout the past year, this organization has partnered with numerous other Asian American-focused organizations to raise awareness of and provide resources to their community members in wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

With over 3,000 hate incidents reported in the last year, it has become clear to AAAJ that hate against Asian folks has become a problem for Americans nationwide. To aid those who have become victim to, or have witnessed, a hate witness, Advancing Justice offers a helpline available in 5 Asian languages, as well as an online resource hub called StandAgainstHatred.org.

Vulnerability and cultural barriers are the biggest concerns within the Asian community—How can our elders protect themselves if there are language barriers? What if our culture taught us to hold our tongues and stay out of conflict? How are some of us supposed to know there are available resources if we are not from here?

Listen now to learn more about the social issues that continue within Asian American communities and our changemakers, like Connie Chung, who are working to make the United States a protected home.

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