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Supporting Asian Businesses │ 1×8

In the wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic and the unknown that came down across the United State, Asian-owned small businesses saw significant decreases in patronage. Social attitudes, constant rewriting of support programs, and lack of proper support have caused many businesses to shut their doors. Today, we are joined by Business Advisor and Small Business Development Center (SBDC) Director at the Asian Business Association, San Diego (ABASD), Wesley Quach.

Together, we explore the effects of xenophobia and personal biases on the Asian American community. Outside of educating one another about our differences and bringing these issues to better awareness across the nation, communities are often left to wonder what resources are available to help them keep afloat or to continue their growth as small businesses.

ABASD and their Small Business Development help these individuals through creating partnerships, providing in-person guidance, and personal consulting. What makes ABA’s work essential to the San Diego Asian business commuity, is its ability to help other overcome barriers that are somtimes very difficult. In many cases, language barriers or digitalization prevents businesses from reaching their fullest potential. This Asian-to-Asian connection is sometimes the most preffered method of help that owners can receive.

Through their consistent connections to the San Diego business market, the organization is able to identify catalyst, or faster growth, opportunities for businesses that are up and coming. For example, businesses that are expanding to San Diego from Orange County or Los Angeles might make their debut in San Diego with popular events like Food Markets.

If you, or someone you know, would be interested in learning more about these resources and programs, please visit the Asian Business Association at https://www.abasd.org/.

Explore how other another organization, Asian Americans Advancing Justice, is helping the Asian American community during the COVID-19 pandemic with CEO, Connie Chung.

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