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Linda Schwartz on Culture and Family │ 1×1

February 02, 2021

Lao-American stand-up comedian, podcast host, writer, and mother, Linda Schwartz continuously paved her way toward building a life for herself and her family, while pursuing her passion.

In the past, she has written for publications such as Huffington Post, elephant journal, and Positively Positive. She has since started her own podcast series called “She Shed Comedy”, where she focuses on educating and empowering women who are pursuing a career in comedy or are simply interested in personal growth.

Hopefully this show will inspire you through the stories of women like yourself to really allow yourself the agency and also the permission to go after your dreams.

Linda Schwartz

Growing up in Savannah, Georgia, Linda was always one of the few Asian kids in her neighborhood. She was raised in a way that many call a “non-traditional”. Identity crisis became a feeling familiar to her at a very young age. With host, Hula Ramos, Linda explores her personal journey of navigating her identity as a Laotian-American, connecting to her heritage in her later life and “learning to be more Lao”.

Did you enjoy listening to our special guest? Linda Schwartz’sShe Shed Comedyis available online at https://www.sheshedcomedy.com/.

Click here to listen to the rest of Season 1 >>

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