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Hollywood Trailblazer Irene Tsu │ 1×22

Irene Tsu broke barriers for Asian representation in film as she’s taken on roles with some of Hollywood’s biggest stars since the 1960’s. In a time when barriers of diversity made Asian Americans undiscoverable in film and tv, Irene Tsu worked alongside big-name folks like Elvis Presley. In 1945, Irene was born in Shanghai then lived in Hong Kong until the age of 12. Her family immigrated to New York where she got her first speaking role in 1963, which launched her career,  in “Take Her, She’s Mine”.

In this episode, Irene shares her experiences as an Asian American who got to work closely with some of the biggest stars in entertainment. Her work as an actress and creator during this time opened the doors for future generations of Asian talent in Hollywood. She also shares these unique experiences in her book, “A Water Color Dream: The Many Lives of Irene Tsu”, which you can find on Amazon.

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