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Rasha Goel & Asian Representation in Hollywood │ 1×14

In the past few years, we have seen a breakthrough for Asian representation in Hollywood and mainstream media. Rasha Goel is an Emmy-nominated television host, broadcast journalist, and international correspondent. As a South Asian woman working in Hollywood and mainstream media, she has experienced—first-hand—the difficulties for Asian folks in the entertainment industry, as well as the progress that has been made recently.

On this episode of Asian Voices Radio, Rasha Goel shares her insight on the rise of Asian representation in Hollywood and the reasons people in positions of power, or “the gatekeepers” should pay more attention to diversity amongst their cast and crews. As one of the fastest-growing demographic groups in America, Rasha emphasizes the need to cater toward this sort of untapped market. With the example of Crazy Rich Asians, whose budget was $30 million and domestic gross earnings of $170 million, it is extremely evident that Asian Americans and beyond look forward to these types of stories and content.

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More about Rasha Goel

A UCLA alumnus, Rasha Goel has worked for outlets such as CNN, ESPN, REELZ Channel, HBO Asia, France 24, as well as Warner Bros., Sony Pictures, and Disney. Rasha is a returning co-host for Dick Clark Productions Live Red Carpet Show for the Golden Globes and a co-host on the Shorts TV Podcast: Awards Season.

In addition, she is the Anchor/Producer of “Star Talk” on TV ASIA – leading the way in providing content that highlights the South Asian diaspora.  She is one of the few South Asian American women who has worked both for the US market and internationally. Through her work, she aims to be an advocate for the representation of diverse perspectives.

Rasha has been an invited speaker at the renowned World Communication Forum in Davos, Switzerland, and been a spokesperson for the American Heart Association. Her interest in spirituality and meditation led her to become a certified Reiki healer.  She is passionate about educating people about mental wellness and living a fulfilling life. Rasha believes in the power of healing through conversation. She has integrated this interest with her media experience which led to co-hosting a Facebook Live show for DoTerra Essential Oils.

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