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Farm to Table Dreams with Chef Lan Thai │ 2×17

On this episode, Sasha Foo interviews Chef Lan Thai—aka Chef Lando—the culinary creator of Enclave Cafe. 

Chef Lando breaks down the FAM (Food as Medicine) philosophy and delves into her the nutritional value of a diverse diet. She also discusses her unique upbringing and cultural roots, growing up in a refugee camp in Thailand following her family’s fleeing of Vietnam.

Chef Lando’s Enclave Cafe has 3 locations across San Diego as well as a 90-acre regenerative farm. She also has a chow on YouTube called the FAM Show, where she shares knowledge on nutrition, ingredients, and recipes. 

Visit the website for Enclave at https://adventuroussuperfood.com 

View episodes of The FAM Show on their YouTube Channel

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