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Taking our own Stories Back with 2Chang │ 2×18

In this episode, brothers Jonny and Solomon Chang share their experiences growing up Asian American, their exploration of multidisciplinary art, and how it became an outlet for their stories in a world that neglects AANHPI voices. 

Jonny Chang is a recording artist and musical producer with roots in spoken-word poetry. Solomon Chang is a passionate storyteller studying Television Writing and Production at UCLA. Together, they make up the creative duo of 2Chang: 2 Chinese-Filipino-Hawaiian American brothers, who believe it’s time for the next generation of AAPI storytellers to be heard.

2Chang strives to honor forgotten perspectives, tell their stories in beauty and in truth, and empower their fellow young folks, Asian Americans, and Pacific Islanders to tell their own story. 

Their debut project, THE WEATHER INSIDE, is a 5-part narrative music video series exploring themes of identity belonging, mental health, and growing pains through their Asian American lens. To learn more about their collaborative creations, visit their website https://www.theweatherinside.org or visit @jonnychang.music on Instagram!)

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