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Lee Ann Kim, A Korean Immigrant and Creator │ 1×17

Lee Ann Kim is a Founder of the Pacific Arts Movement (formerly known as the San Diego Film Festival), inspired by a conversation she heard at a local technology company. She is a first-generation Korean American who was an anchor and reporter for KGTV Channel 10, a California ABC television affiliate. On this episode of Asian Voices Radio, Lee Ann Kim shares her story of finding her own voice as a minority in Illinois, and taking action to uplift and amplify that of others.

She shares the importance of understanding the unique stories of others in a time like today, how diasporas of minority groups affect cultural histories, and even what Asia is in general. As Asian American and Pacific Islander representation continues to grow into mainstream media, Lee Ann Kim shares that it is imperative that the AAPI communities support the films that are made for and by them in order to continue this movement.

With organizations like Pacific Arts Movement, Center for Asian American Media, and Asian Culture & Media Alliance, filmmakers and storytellers are able to find communities that support them and are able to cultivate a culture for sharing films that are uniquely for, or even just made by, AAPI folks in America.

Learn more about Lee Ann Kim’s work and the current efforts made by Pacific Arts Movement by visiting https://pacarts.org/.

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