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Bridging Bilingual Connections and Deeper Connections with Parents Through a Game │ 1×37


Entrepreneur Joseph Lam is the CEO and Creator of ‘Parents Are Human’, a bilingual connection card game he created in 2019, designed to spark deep conversations for families. Since then, Joseph has been helping people connect deeply with their parents, normalize working through dysfunctional family dynamics, and bridge the generational gap.

Previously, Joseph built an award-winning nutrition tech company called Brainbuild, an iOS and Android app that automatically planned a person’s meals, snacks, hydration, and sleep events based on their daily schedule. Joseph is also an athlete having competed for the United States in 7 world cups and earned 8 national medals in fencing.

Based on his own experience of rebuilding the broken relationship with his own parents later on as an adult, Joseph has been on a mission to support and inspire people around the world through his latest venture, helping connect more deeply with their families and cultivate intergenerational wellness.

Joseph also co-created The Parent Project, where pods of 3-4 peers come together to show up for their aging parents each week—working through past traumas, rewriting outdated beliefs, and learning to love and be loved by their parents.

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