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Dr. Amy Kim on Mental Health │ 1×12

Mental health has long been a taboo topic amongst Asian American families—whether it was because it was a sign of weakness, or simply because mental health care was something that wasn’t familiar within that community. In fact, Asian Americans are three times less likely to seek mental health care. Dr. Amy Kim and Hula Ramos explore what mental health care looks like within the Asian American community, what steps we can take to improve for ourselves, and the general state of mental health amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Amy Kim is a licensed clinical psychologist, helping individuals improve their mood, energy, relationships, and even helps to bring clarity to your identity and values. In this episode of Asian Voices Radio, Dr. Amy shares her expertise in the first steps we can take to recognizing and adjusting our thought process can help relieve our daily anxieties and stress.

Did you enjoy this conversation on the effects of Asian American culture? Listen to Episode 5 with Wendy Kim on interracial families and identity!

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