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Taboo Topics and Pop Culture through Comics and Art │ 1×31

August 31, 2021

Crystal Ro is a Korean-American, Senior Editor at BuzzFeed who’s written and drawn about everything from period problems to Keanu Reeves as Disney Princesses. Her articles and drawings have been covered by Business Insider, MTV, and Unilad among others. Her work has also been featured on popular Instagram accounts like 9GAG, Fandom, and Cinema Monkeys. She’s the creator of original comics for Amazon Prime Video and has work coming out in the anthology Send Help!: A Collection of Marooned Cartoons that you can pre-order now!

In this episode, she shares more about her childhood and journey to becoming a longstanding artist and creator-by herself and with Buzzfeed. Her upbringing made it possible for her to embrace her artistic talents, leading to taking art classes and further cultivate her creativity.

Enjoy hearing from artistic individuals? Listen to Episode 24 with Kiki Yeung, who founded a group for Asians in comedy to share their talent and art-Crazy Woke Asians.

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